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PPR Paperless Process Recorder

Do you want to know what our Touchscreen based PPR Paperless Process Recorder and LegendaryTM cloud based software can offer…

Legendary - Pasteurization Controls - Img  - Anderson-Negele


Cloud-based software connected to PPRs. With Legendary™ you can store, review and approve the digital PPR records. PMO-compliant

AV-9900 HTST Recorder Controller - Pasteurization Controls - Img  - Anderson-Negele

AV-9900 HTST Recorder Controller

Microprocessor based pasteurization chart recorder/controller with 12″ circular chart

GB Differential Pressure Switch - Pasteurization Controls - Img  - Anderson-Negele

GB Differential Pressure Switch

Differential pressure switch for use on pasteurization systems

Vat Pasteurization Controls Package - Pasteurization Controls - Img  - Anderson-Negele

Vat Pasteurization Controls Package

Vat Pasteurization Electronic Controls Package replaces traditional mercury-in-glass thermometers and complies with the Pasteurized Milk Ordinance (PMO) and 3-A Sanitary Standards.

FD Digital Reference Thermometer - Pasteurization Controls - Img  - Anderson-Negele

FD Digital Reference Thermometer

Digital indicating reference thermometer for pasteurization and retort applications

IZMS Magnetic Flowmeter - Pasteurization Controls - Img  - Anderson-Negele

IZMS Magnetic Flowmeter

The IZMS magnetic flowmeter is the ideal choice conductive fluids and slurries. Measurement accuracy is unaffected by product viscosity, density, temperature and the presence of suspended particulates and solids.

The FDA Pasteurized Milk Ordinance (PMO) regulates the control of all batch as well as the more common continuous pasteurization processes in the US. For over 30 years Anderson has been the leading developer and supplier of pasteurization controls for every specific application outlined in the PMO. Our VAT system is supplied on the majority of batch processors used to pasteurize dairy products like ice cream mix, specialty cheeses and yogurts, and seasonal products such as egg nog. For HTST and other continuous pasteurizers, customers rely on our failsafe controls including the DART as their reference thermometer, GB Differential Pressure Switch for regenerator protection, and AV9900 for final control of temperature and flowrate to ensure compliance and a safe product.

It‘s new and so easy: Digital Process Monitoring with PMO compliant PPR and LegendaryTM

PPR (Paperless Process Recorder) is a digital chart recorder system that can be used in pasteurization, CIP, COP, raw silo monitoring and in general any application that requires monitoring of process parameters like temperature, flow, pressure, level, conductivity, turbidity etc.
LegendaryTM is a cloud-based software that securely stores records from all PPRs of your plant in a single location. It allows you to conveniently access, review and approve those records remotely from your office desk or home office using any web-enabled device all while meeting PMO compliance.
The combination of PPR hardware and LegendaryTM Software forms a next generation paperless chart recorder system. This PMO compliant Digital Process Monitoring technology makes your digital transformation easy:

It’ so easy to avoid consumables cost

The fully digital PPR Paperless Process Recorder and cloud-based LegendaryTM Software eliminates many problems of current paper recorders such as recurring expenses on paper charts, pens, ink cartridges, pen arms, motors and other mechanical parts.

It’ so easy to avoid unplanned downtimes

The digital PPR technology works without pen arms, motors and other moving parts. Plant downtime due to mechanical failures and MRO events are a thing of the past.

It’ so easy to go digital and remain PMO compliant

You can easily connect all existing sensors of your application to the PPR unit. Operators can check all trendlines, add annotations, and approve them directly on PPR’s touch screen display. You can also add annotations and approve records remotely from LegendaryTM cloud software all while remaining PMO compliant.

It’ so easy to review and approve records

With LegendaryTM QA can review and approve records from all PPRs of your plant remotely and have them Ready-for-Audit by state inspector. That reduces handling time and human error and makes LegendaryTM an indispensable tool for quality management

It’ so easy to store and retrieve records

LegendaryTM securely saves all historical records and makes them available at the fingertips of the authorized users. No need to worry about charts getting wet, torn, damaged or lost while handling or storing.

It’ so easy to accelerate digital transformation

The PPR and Legendary™ can do more than just legal data logging. Through data evaluation, the system has potential for process optimization at the plant. Process flows can be more easily controlled, and potential errors in the processes can be detected and eliminated.

It’ so easy to get support

PPR and LegendaryTM is the next generation process recording technology. It is much more than just recording digital trendlines for temperature, pressure, flow, conductivity or other process parameters in a data logger, a graphic recorder, or a historian solution. By providing PMO compliant workflows to create digital charts embedded with digital annotations and providing intuitive process to review and approve records, PPR and Legendary™ helps your plant and quality team get audit ready for state inspection and internal or third-party audits. We understand that a new technology can sometimes create uncertainty, resistance from staff, and raise questions. We are here to assist you in each step of decision making and system introduction, and, once installed, to make sure your PPR and LegendaryTM run smoothly to provide you maximum benefits. If you have any questions or doubts – just call us!

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