GB Differential Pressure Switch

Pasteurization Controls

The Anderson GB Series Differential Pressure Switch satisfies all legal requirements for differential control of regenerator pressures.

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Product Information:
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Spare Parts

56002A0001 Cable Jd Display To Power Board
56014E0104 240 Vac Power Board
SP56014E0084 50 Mv Card 0-99 Psig
SP56014E0085 100Mv Card 0-199 Psig / 0-19.9 Bar
SP56014E0086 75Mv Card 0-9.9 Bar
SP56014E0097 120 Vac Powerboard
SP56014E0098 1-15 Psid Display Board
SP56014E0106 5-75 Psid Display Board

Configuration and 3D Data