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Conductivity Sensors

The measurement of dissolved chemicals in aqueous solutions and specifically impurities in water is a vital issue for life on our planet. By measuring a solution’s ability to carry an electrical current, conductivity sensors help determine the purity of a liquid and its safety or suitability for use.

We at Anderson-Negele offer a unique one-piece conductivity sensor and transmitter. This advanced sensor is specifically designed to monitor and control  chemical concentrations to optimize cleaning and protect against chemical over-use, which can damage equipment. A versatile product, this conductivity sensor may also be used in place of or in conjunction with a turbidity meter for phase transition control. For long-lasting stability and lifespan we use a machined PEEK torroid to reduce cracking due to thermal cycling and chemical exposure. For optimal CIP solutions, try our one-piece solution to conductivity measurement!


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ILM-4 Inductive Conductivity Sensor - Conductivity Sensors - Img 1 - Anderson-Negele ILM-4 Inductive Conductivity Sensor

Integral (all in one) Inductive sensor-transmitter for the online measurement of process liquid conductivity. Now with IO-Link

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