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    Anderson-Negele is a global instrumentation company with the mission to provide the best hygienic instrumentation solutions and services for processors of food, beverage and life sciences products.


  • Temperature Sensors

    The right solution for every application and every process connection: Anderson-Negele temperature sensors are the benchmark for precision, quality and flexibility in hygienic applications.

  • Level Sensors

    For maximum resource efficiency, the accurate, continuous detection of level, volume or mass is essential. No matter which liquid and which application: Anderson-Negele has the right level measuring technology for precise, hygienic level measurement.

  • Point Level Sensors

    Precise point level detection is an essential basis for maximum process and application reliability. Anderson-Negele level sensors offer the right measuring technology for all hygienic applications and even for foaming or pasty media.

  • Pressure Sensors

    The process pressure transmitters and pressure gauges developed and produced by Anderson-Negele are ideal for pressure measurement in pipelines and/or containers and are specially designed for the high requirements and standards of the food and beverage industry as well as for the pharmaceutical sector.

  • Flow Meter

    Always know exactly if and how much medium flows: Anderson-Negele flow switches and flowmeters offer a precise measuring principle and a high-precision application for almost all liquids in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

  • Conductivity Sensors

    For many years, Anderson-Negele conductivity sensors have offered reliable and precise conductivity measurement for optimized and cost-saving CIP/SIP processes, production monitoring and quality assurance.

  • Turbidity Sensors

    Turbidity measurement is an indispensable parameter for the automation of many processes. Anderson-Negele offers hygienic turbidity sensors for almost every application.

  • Weighing Systems

    Weighing systems for content measurement offer in many applications a more practical and precise solution than other measuring technologies. A comprehensive, field-proven sensor portfolio offers precise, robust, and efficient weighing systems for hygienic and non-hygienic applications, wet and dry goods, process, and storage vessels.

  • Adapters & Fittings

    Hygienically safe sensor installations: At Anderson-Negele you will find a wide portfolio of different hygienic and dead space-free process adaptations, tubes and installation systems.

  • Instrumentation & Controls

    Anderson-Negele offers technicians and engineers a wide range of professional tools. All of our devices have been designed by Anderson-Negele teams with the practical experience and knowledge to create measuring devices that meet today's demands.

  • IO-Link

    For the safe process control of an entire plant technology with a large number of measuring points, control and actuation devices, IO-Link offers significant advantages. After extensive testing of its practical suitability, we transfer this technology as a digital data transfer standard of the future on all measurement categories. We rely on our Flex-Hybrid technology with IO-Link parallel to the analog 4...20 mA connection.

  • Bulk Tank Recorders

    The Guardian recording thermometers and DS milk measurement system are specifically designed to continuously monitor the milk quality in farm bulk tank applications.

  • Retort Controls

    The CLEANadapt adaptation system from Anderson-Negele with three different thread sizes is a system that cannot only be used with almost every Anderson-Negele sensor, but has been adopted as the standard by all other vendors.

  • Pasteurization Controls

    The FDA Pasteurized Milk Ordinance (PMO) regulates the control of all batch as well as the more common continuous pasteurization processes in the US.


  • Food & Beverage

    The food and beverage industry is always in need of innovative and reliable solutions. From the very beginning, we have specialized in meeting the high demands of the food processing industry and support you with suitable solutions for your process.

  • Dairy

    As a partner of the dairy industry, we are aware of the specific needs of our customers. You, too, can profit from our focus on hygienic sensor systems and take advantage of our know-how in optimizing your production processes.

  • Brewery

    Brewing is one of the most complex processes in the manufacture of beverages. We provide reliable sensor equipment and innovative solutions for optimizing your manufacturing process.

  • Life Sciences

    In the pharmaceutical industry, process reliability and hygiene are top priority. As a specialist for hygienic instrumentation, we support you with innovative solutions and sensors of consistently high quality.

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    Your fast and precise answer engine: Filter the questions by industry, product, process or measurement type and get a quick answer. If your question is not yet listed, you can send it to us and we will respond directly to you.

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    Watch, listen, learn: The easiest way to get support in the field. Find here videos for product demonstration, installation, commissioning, configuration, integration, change of scale/measurement range and many more

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    More background know-how: If you want to know more about the functioning principles and the technical, physical or chemical background of our solutions. This may help you to find the best possible solution for your application, process, product or current challenges

  • Applications

    Experience success stories and customer references: A great number of field-approved customer applications in the dairy, brewery, beverage and pharmaceutical industries show you how our applications could solve problems and challenges. This may give you inspiration for your own process optimisation