Food, Beverage and Dairy
Pressure transmitter IO-Link

P42 Pressure Sensor

Modular Platform

Temperature compensated transmitter for process pressure and level measurement in pipes and vessels | With IO-Link

Turbidity sensor for relative turbidity measurement in medium turbidity ITM-51

ITM-51 Turbidity Sensor

Modular Platform

Modular flush turbidity sensor for low to high turbidities 200…300,000 NTU, with IO-Link.
Ideal for e.g. phase separation, yeast harvesting, CIP return control.

Food, Beverage and Dairy
Life Sciences
FMQ Electromagnetic Flow Meter - IO-Link - Img  - Anderson-Negele

FMQ Electromagnetic Flow Meter

Modular Platform

Compact electromagnetic flow sensor for media with minimum conductivity >5 μS/cm | With IO-Link

Food, Beverage and Dairy
Life Sciences
IOM-01 - IO-Link - Img  - Anderson-Negele


Modular Platform

IO-Link Master with USB connection for control and programming of all Anderson-Negele IO-Link devices

TSMA Modular RTD and Mini Temperature Sensors - IO-Link - Img  - Anderson-Negele

TSMA Modular RTD and Mini Temperature Sensors

Modular Platform

Compact, individually configurable temperature Mini sensors and RTDs for food applications, processes, tanks and tubes │ With IO-Link

NSL-F Continuous Level Sensor - IO-Link - Img  - Anderson-Negele

NSL-F Continuous Level Sensor

Modular Platform

The NSL-F is the next generation of potentiometric technology. It is a direct replacement for the LN and offers additional features.

Inductive Conductivity sensor for CIP and production processes ILM-4

ILM-4 Inductive Conductivity Sensor

Modular Platform

Integral (all in one) Inductive sensor-transmitter used for in-line measurement of process liquid conductivity. Now available with IO-Link capability.

Find here more info and FAQs about IO-Link and Flex-Hybrid:

Your key to more efficiency:

Sensors with digital IO-Link communication with Flex Hybrid Technology make planning, commissioning and operation of your plants easier, faster and more flexible.

Digital + Analog: The best of two worlds

For the safe process control of an entire plant technology with a large number of measuring points, control and actuation devices, IO-Link offers significant advantages. After extensive testing of its practical suitability, we transfer this technology as a digital data transfer standard of the future on all measurement categories. We rely on our Flex-Hybrid technology with IO-Link parallel to the analog 4...20 mA connection.

Data highway instead of one-way street

Installation and commissioning of sanitary IO-Link sensors are extremely time- and cost-saving. A three-pole standard cable without special shielding is sufficient for the bidirectional, interference-free signal transmission and power supply. In practice, the point-to-point connection at the field level is established from various sensors to IO-Link masters and from there, via field bus systems, to the PLC.

From simple data transfer to intelligent communication

With IO-Link sensors, data streams are also possible in the opposite direction, towards the devices. Each sensor can therefore be parameterized independently of the manufacturer via an IO-Link master. For an optimal process adaptation, specific settings such as measuring ranges or adjustments can be carried out on site. The status of operating conditions can be checked and queried explicitly at any time. Potential malfunctions, signs of wear, or an increased risk of failure can be detected early, and condition-dependent and production downtimes can be better avoided.

"Plug-and-play" takes on a new meaning

With IO-Link, sensor replacement is more comfortable and safer than ever before and can be performed independently, at any time, and by any employee without any programming effort. For this purpose, the device configuration of each connected sensor can be stored in the IO-Link master. The new sensor will automatically be recognized, configured, and parameterized by the IO-Link master and is immediately operational.

All Details in one brochure

In our brochure “Digital (R)evolution” you find general information, product overviews and technical specifications for all Anderson-Negele IO-Link sensors with digital and Flex Hybrid communication.
To download the brochure in PDF format just click here.