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Now with M-b issued: The Anderson-Negele Paperless Process Recorder(PPR) and Legendary™ cloud software is an innovative solution to help you streamline recording of process data, creation and review of legal records, and secure storage of those records for state and third-party audit.

The PPR and Legendary™ cloud software eliminates many problems of current paper recorders. By providing digital solution for charts and eliminating moving mechanical parts PPR ensures that your production does not get hampered due to mechanical parts failure, printing hardware or paper chart issues. It eliminates recurring hardware costs for print arms, motors, print cartridges, and paper charts and reduces costly equipment failures and maintenance cost.

The PPR and Legendary™ cloud software is much more than just recording digital trendlines for temperature, pressure, flow, conductivity or other process parameters in a data logger, a graphic recorder, or a historian solution. By providing PMO compliant workflows to create digital charts embedded with digital annotations and providing intuitive process to review and approve records, PPR and Legendary™ helps your plant and quality team get audit ready for state inspection and internal or third-party audits.

The M-b 383 has been issued in April 2023, making PPR the first digital recorder system with M-b. Download M-b 383 (Memorandum B)

Legendary™ is a subscription-based cloud software that goes hand-in-hand with PPR in providing all of these benefits.
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Key Benefits

  • Create audit ready digital records that meet both your internal and PMO requirements
  • Streamlined annotation and approval workflow for both on-premise PPR and Legendary™ cloud software
  • Intuitive digital annotation including list of pre-populated common annotations
  • Supervisors, quality team and PCQI can remotely review records, request additional notes from operators, and approve records
  • Secure storage and access of all historical records for authorized users


  • Continuous pasteurization in HTST, UHT and Aseptic ranges
  • Cold Product Recording
  • Clean-In-Place (CIP)
  • Clean-Out of-Place (COP)
  • Juice Pasteurization
  • Egg Pasteurization
  • ESL Applications
  • General Process Recording and Monitoring
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Adding Annotations

STLR Input 2point calibration

Installing a software update

Inspector review process

Key elements of a PPR record

Add notes workflow

Accessing backup data


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