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Legendary™ is a cloud-based software that securely stores records from all PPRs (Paperless Process Recorder) of your plant in a single location. It allows authorized users remote access to review and approve records from any location all while meeting PMO compliance.

Legendary™ makes it easy to:

  • to review and approve records: With Legendary™, QA can review and approve records from all PPRs in your plant and have them ready for audit by state inspectors.
  • to store and retrieve records: Legendary™ securely saves all historical records and makes them available at your fingertips. No need to worry about charts getting wet, torn, damaged, or lost while handling or storing.
  • to accelerate digital transformation: Digital data monitoring and evaluation with PPR and Legendary™ enable process optimization at the plant.
Key Benefits:

Technical Specification


Number of PPRs connected: Unlimited
Could Storage of Legal Records: Unlimited
Add documents to a record (CAPA...): Yes
Number of record revisions: All (unlimited)
Number of Approval Worflows: Unlimited


Number of Users: Up to 10000
Local Administrator: Yes
Number of Local Administrators: Up to 10000

Support / Subscription

Subscription Scope: Per PPR
Subscription Period: 1 / 3 / 5 years
PPR Software Updates: Unlimited
Backup and Disaster Recovery: Yes


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Finding and approving a record

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