IZMS Magnetic Flowmeter

Flow Meter, Flow Sensors, Pasteurization Controls

The IZMS magnetic flowmeter is the ideal choice conductive fluids and slurries. Measurement accuracy is unaffected by product viscosity, density, temperature and the presence of suspended particulates and solids.

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Product Information:
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Spare Parts

MSD Hand-Held Programmer
300-101F Flange Gasket For - Izms/L100
300-16 Silicone Gasket Set - Izms-Izml015
300-26 Silicone Gasket Set - Izms-Izml025
300-33 Silicone Gasket Set - Izms-Izml032
300-51 Silicone Gasket Set - Izms-Izml050
300-66 Silicone Gasket Set - Izms-Izml065
300-85 Silicone Gasket Set - Izms-Izml080
IZM-USB Usb Com Interface
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