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Separator control with ITM-51 turbidity sensor

Efficient separator control in a craft brewery thanks to ITM-51 turbidity sensor

1 Sep 2020

For many craft brewers, the art of brewing and the constantly high quality of their beer specialities are both a claim and a commitment.

In this real case application, the beer is deliberately not filtered. Ensuring constant natural turbidity through the separator alone proved to be a major challenge. Reliable results were finally achieved with the ITM-51 turbidity sensor.

IZMAG electromagnetic flowmeters and TSB temperature sensors help ensuring maximum sanitary process control and reliability.

Daniel Engler, Master brewer:

"We have already made several attempts to control the separator in an automatic, but preicse, way. With the ITM-51 we have not only found a very reliable and finely tuned sensor, but with Anderson-Negele we have also encountered a real partner with comprehensive, expert advice and support."

Read the application report for all details. Just click here!