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Flow-How made by Anderson-Negele

When 90+ years of sanitary sensor excellence blends with over 40+ years of magnetic flow expertise
After the integration of the GEA Diessel magnetic flow meter business, Anderson-Negele has become your go-to for sanitary instrumentation with the special “FLOW-HOW”.

30 Jun 2023

Our solutions include a range of high-quality flow sensors and switches designed to optimize processes, ensure product quality, and save costs.

Our sanitary Flow sensors accurately determine the quantity or volume of media flowing in production systems. This is crucial for safe and efficient processes in the food and beverage industry, where precise dosing and recipe control are essential.
Typical applications are:

  • accurate dosing when mixing beverages or dairy products
  • recipe control for mixed or soft drinks
  • monitoring of production processes in breweries or CIP systems
  • high-precision control of bottling lines

Flow switches are also an essential component of many production plants, as they help to monitor the technical safety and correct operation of processes. Our devices are designed to reliably detect and signal any malfunction of a pump, closed valve, or misdirected medium, allowing for quick corrective action to be taken.

With various technologies, our instrumentation offers a suitable solution for almost every application, every process, and every fluid:

  • Electromagnetic flow meters for media with minimum conductivity >5 μS/cm
  • Turbine flow meters for all aqueous media, regardless of conductivity
  • Coriolis Mass Flow and Density meters
  • Ultrasonic flow switches for all media with turbidity > 1 NTU or particles > 50 μm
  • Calorimetric flow switches for all aqueous media, even high-purity fluids, independent of conductivity

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