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Clean In Place (CIP) Solutions

The Clean In Place System Process

Brewers, dairy producers, and pharmaceutical companies must keep their equipment impeccably clean to avoid contamination. But dismantling production equipment is time-consuming, and when equipment is being cleaned, it can’t be productive. That’s why Anderson-Negele builds sensor solutions to optimize your Clean-In-Place (CIP) system. Our custom-made CIP solutions optimize the cleaning process, reducing chemical and water use as well as reducing BOD charges.


Optimization of the CIP process

The old way of sanitizing by dismantling equipment could stop production for a day or more. Some modern CIP systems reduce this to two or three hours. By using Anderson-Negele custom designed CIP sensor solutions that cycle can take as little as sixty minutes.
For the plant operator, a long cleaning process means lost production, downtime, and increased water, energy, and chemical costs. By using sensors designed for your CIP system you can reduce waste in the production process by speeding up cleaning cycles and increasing both efficiency and productivity. A specialist in sensor technology and long-time leader in CIP sensor solutions, Anderson-Negele ensures that productions facilities are cleaned safely, reliably, and efficiently.

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 Sensors for CIP systems

 Conductivity Turbidity Flow
 ILM Inductive Conductivity Meter ITM-51 Relative Turbidity Meter IZMAG Electromagnetic Flow Meter
 ILM-4 Inductive Conductivity SensorITM-51 Turbidity MeterIZMAG Electromagnetic Flow Meter
 Level Pressure Temperature
SL  Level TransmitterMPF Modular Pressure Transmitter SA/CT Modular RTD and Temperature Transmitters
 SL Hydrostatic Level Transmitter MPF Modular Pressure TransmitterSA/CT Modular RTD and Temperature Transmitters
 NSL-M Compact Potentiometric Level Transmitter
NSL-M Compact Potentiometric Level Transmitter

Automate your Clean-in-Place (CIP) process with our full range of advanced analytical sensors including level, pressure, flow, turbidity, conductivity and temperature.