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FTS Flow Switch

Flow Meter, CIP Control

Sometimes a flowmeter offers more features and functionality than what is needed. It is often these applications that can be handled by a flow switch which provides a simple digital output indication of when the flow is above or below a user programmed set point. The FTS is Anderson-Negele’s offering for a sanitary 3-A approved flow switch. Unlike competitive products, the FTS-741 offers an all in one design where the clamp connection is one piece with the sensing element. This design eliminates a sealing point between the fitting and the sensor that adds to maintenance and sanitation concerns. It also simplifies ordering as one model number buys a complete sensor instead of having to remember multiple part numbers when ordering. So whether the application is CIP proof of return or controlling a heating circuit for a hot-fill application. The FTS will prove to be the right choice.

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Product Information:

Technical Specification

Process Connection Tri-Clamp | CLEANadapt Thread connection
Wetted material Stainless steel 1.4404 (316L), Ra≤0.8 μm
Measuring range 0.1…2 m/s
Accuracy ±10% of the end value
Temperature range process 0...100 °C (32...212 °F)
Temperature range CIP/SIP 140 °C (284 °F) (no function) / max. 60 min.
Operating pressure max. 10 bar
Communication PNP
FTS Benefits

Reliable flow control for all aqueous, even high-purity media

Flow switches are used in almost all processes to monitor the technical safety of the plant and the correct operation of the processes. A possible malfunction of a pump, a closed valve or a misdirected medium are reliably detected and reported.
The FTS with its special pulsed measurement method heats in short periods and detects the flow velocity quickly, reliably and permanently just by measuring the temperature change of the medium.

» Ideal for all aqueous
products: Also for demineralised and highly filtered media such as cola and other soft drinks, filtered beer, demineralised water, as well as for media in pressure lines
» Process temperature up to 212°F (100 °C): FTS is perfectly suited for all usual processes and media

» Fast: Due to the very slim sensor tip and the position of the heating element and Pt100 sensor directly at the fluid, the FTS has an extremely short response time for a calorimetric sensor

» Insensitive to temperature shocks: temperature changes due to e.g. cold product, hot water, CIP solutions have no influence on the measurement

» Versatile: Ideal for monitoring pump systems, valves, filters, agitators, cooling circuits, CIP return flow...



Product Information:

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