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ILM-4 now with 5 years extended warranty

Our quality promise: 5 year extended warranty at no extra charge for our conductivity meter ILM-4

5 May 2021

For more than 10 years, conductivity measurement with the Anderson-Negele ILM series of sensors, the ILM-2 and ILM-4, has developed to such an extent that this name is already synonymous with phase separation in CIP skids in the food industry. The current generation ILM-4 is based on the modular platform, and an upgrade was recently implemented with the digital communication technology IO-Link.

As a special quality promise, Anderson-Negele is offering an extended 5 year warranty, free of charge

Stefan Hauck, Director of Sales: "Many of our customers were able to optimize their processes, save costs and better secure the quality of their products with the ILM series. We would now like to make this positive experience available to new interested parties and make it easier for them to decide to change their processes by extending the warranty from 1 to 5 years". The offer is also available for existing customers.

The inductive conductivity meter ILM-4 with Flex-Hybrid Technology (digital IO-Link and analog 4...20 mA in parallel) enables an active, automated and temperature-compensated phase separation of media with different conductivivity in many applications. Processes in production as well as in CIP/SIP cleaning with the return flow of acid / lye / water can be automised and optimised. These media can be disposed of or returned to the stacking tanks with the greatest possible purity and with the lowest possible losses, Key to this is the high-precision conductivity measurement with a response time of only 1 second. By avoiding the discharge of valuable products or cleaning agents into the waste water, costs can be saved to a high degree. The multiple use of cleaning media at the same time ensures maximum cost efficiency and protection of the environment.

The ILM-4 is also ideally suited for the supervision of cleaning agents. For an optimal and reproducible cleaning result, each cleaning agent must be concentrated to the specified value by re-dosing with concentrate or fresh water. This is ensured by the highly precise measurement of conductivity with the ILM-4.

The warranty on each ILM-4 is extended to 5 years at no extra charge. The current general terms and conditions published on the homepage apply.

Further information about ILM-4 can be found here.