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Value - Anderson Negele


Anderson-Negele is a global company specializing in the development and production of sensors and measuring equipment for hygienic applications. As your reliable and flexible partner, we aim to always provide you with the best solution for your process. The name Negele has been synonymous with innovative products of high quality for over 35 years. As a pioneer of hygienic measuring equipment, we have focussed on the special needs of the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries from the very beginning. Through our innovations, we strive to give our customers the economic and technological edge that will contribute to their success. To achieve this, we look at your particular needs and develop solutions that specifically address the demands for your production processes. As part of the Fortive Group of companies – a global “Fortune 500“ technology leader – Anderson-Negele practices the successful Fortive Business System (FBS). With the help of FBS, we ensure the high quality of our products in development and production and continuously improve our processes and methods.


To provide best hygienic Instrumentation Solutions and Services for processors of Food and Life Sciences.


To be recognized as the global leader and partner for our customers in hygienic application processes and instrumentations sensors for Food and Life Sciences industries.


In 2004, Negele Messtechnik GmbH joined with the USA-based Anderson Instrument Company, a renowned specialist with more than 80 years expertise in hygienic process instrumentation. Known globally under the Anderson Negele brand, Anderson-Negele has a reputation as a leading manufacturer of top-quality hygienic sensor solutions and application expertise. Today, Anderson-Negele globally serves customers in the food processing and pharmaceutical industries as well as OEMs and system integrators. Each of our employees is uniquely dedicated to your requirements and wishes. Our product spectrum includes sensors for temperature, level, pressure, flow, conductivity and turbidity measurement as well as innovative solutions for optimizing your production process. Our products meet the required 3A, EHEDG and BPE design standards. With manufacturing facilities in the United States and Germany and sales and service offices in the U.S., Europe, China, India and Mexico, Anderson-Negele is your reliable and flexible partner for hygienic instrumentation, sensors and application processes.