IZMAG Electromagnetic Flow Meter

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The IZMAG is Anderson-Negele’s full featured electromagnetic flow meter. Building on the qualities that have made its predecessor, the IZMS meter, the industry standard in accuracy and longevity, the IZMAG incorporates new design and performance features that allow the IZMAG to excel in the most demanding sanitary processing environment. From the outside, one will recognize that a compact, all stainless steel housing now provides the highest level of protection from the cleaning chemicals and environmental extremes present in food processing facilities. A standard backlit graphic display provides the metering information not only as numbers and text but also has the ability to display images. By using images along with text a more intuitive feel to navigation is achieved making the programming experience quicker and simpler. On the inside a PFA liner offers increases in pressure, temperature and vacuum capability. This new liner gives the IZMAG the ability to satisfy an expanded list of high temperature and aseptic applications . In addition to the other features the flow meter has a compact overall size allowing installation into tight fitting applications without a sacrifice in measurement performance.

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Spare Parts

42117K0025Molded Cordset W/25' Cable
42117K0050Molded Cordset W/50' Cable
42117K0100Molded Cordset W/100' Cable
45669A0010Epdm Connection Seals 1/2"
45669A0015Epdm Connection Seals 3/4"
45669A0025Epdm Connection Seals 1"
45669A0032Epdm Connection Seals 1.5"
45669A0050Epdm Connection Seals 2"
45669A0065Epdm Connection Seals 2.5"
45669A0080Epdm Connection Seals 3"
45669A0100Epdm Connection Seals 4"
45669A0040Epdm Connection Seals 1.5"

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