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Anderson-Negele’s HM-series turbine flow meter is the solution for applications requiring an economical, accurate flow meter. Using the proven method of counting the rotation of a turbine within a flowing stream of liquid, the “HM” turbine flow meter is not merely a modification of an industrial design, but a design that was created specifically for the sanitary food and dairy industry. Understanding these requirements has produced a flow meter with superior durability in the unique applications found in that industry. An all 316SS construction (including rotor) coupled with a unique two piece design which eliminates the need for internal locking rings to retain the meters internals makes for a truly cleanable, hygienic design that also provides exceptional performance. Non-magnetic sensing of the 316SS rotor eliminates the drag other magnetically sensed rotors experience which provides for better metering accuracy and greater longevity. The HM can handle aggressive products such as acids, vinegar solutions, brine, and de-ionized water.

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Technical Specification

Process Connection Tri-Clamp
Wetted material 316 Stainless steel (1.4404)
Measuring range 7...250 GPM
Accuracy ±0,5% of the measuring value | repeatibility ± 0.10%
Available versions 1" | 1 1/2" | 2"
Temperature range process 250°F(120°C)
Operating pressure Max. 115psi / 7.9 bar
HM - Benefits

When nothing else works

The HM / HMP turbine flow meter with non-contact pulse measurements is the reliable, precise, and economical alternative for mass  flowmeters or electromagnetic flowmeters.
HM / HMP is suitable for aqueous fluids such asffiltered fruit juice or beer, alcohols, light oils, salt, solutions, cleaning media, and acids, but also exhaust condensate, process water, demineralized water, and WFI.

» Compact and robust: Massive turbine housing made of stainless steel - insensitive to thermal influences, space-saving, insensitive to vibration

» Hygienic & 3A-compliant: 2-piece housing, specifically designed for sanitary applications, eliminates the need for internal locking rings to retain internal components. This ensures easy cleaning and maintenance, and results in improved cleanability, straightforward design, and a lower risk of product contamination

» Non-contact pulse measurement: A signal probe generates an electromagnetic field that interacts with the rotating turbine rotor blades to produce a precisely measurable induction current

» Durable: The combination of Rulon 123TM sleeve bearing and 316L stainless steel shaft withstands even difficult process conditions, steam  blowdowns and autoclaving

» Fast: The low mass moment of inertia of the turbine wheel ensures a fast response time of less than 50 ms. Even rapid flow rate changes can be detected without any problems

» For Food and Life Science: Two versions that are specifically adapted to the respective requirements of the food and pharmaceutical industries


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Spare Parts

CABLE-3W-100 100' Cable With Connector
CABLE-3W-25 25' Cable With Connector
CABLE-3W-50 50' Cable With Connector
CABLE-3W-75 75' Cable With Connector
HM600-075SS 3/4" Rebuild Kit - 316Ss Rotor
HM600-100SS 1" Rebuild Kit - 316Ss Rotor
HM600-150SS 1.5" Rebuild Kit - 316Ss Rotor
HM600-200SS 2" Rebuild Kit - 316Ss Rotor
HSDT000 3-Wire Pick-Up Probe
HT75000 2-Wire Pick-Up Probe
HTS1000 3 Wire Pick-Up Probe

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