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Wine filtration with turbidity measurement

Wine filtration with ITM-4: How to ensure consistent wine quality and improve process efficiency with turbidity measurement

15 Sep 2020

For the wine consumer, the first quality characteristic, even before the smell and ultimately the taste, is the visual experience. In addition to colour, the clarity of the wine is particularly important. To achieve this quality, a California-based wine company installed Anderson-Negele’s ITM-4 to monitor turbidity in their clarification process prior to bottling. In both of the following applications, Anderson-Negele helped the customer improve its processes, increase production yields, and consistently monitor its product quality specifications.

Centrifuge Drum Purge control: In the centrifuge application, when the drum bowl begins to reach the fill level, wine turbidity at the discharge of the centrifuge will start to rise. This increase in turbidity is easily detected by the ITM-4. With a range of 0 to 5000 NTU, the ITM-4 4–20 mA signal can be scaled to accurately measure product turbidity and signal the PLC when process turbidity setpoints are reached.

Cross-Flow Filtration Monitoring: The ITM-4 turbidity meter continuously monitors wine filter retentate prior to the packaging stage. With range settings from 0 to 5000 NTU, the ITM-4 is ideal for low turbidity measurement.

The ITM-4, with its process automation, could eliminate the traditional method of periodically checking the filters, which was very time-consuming.

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