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No more production downtime thanks to foam-insensitive level measurement with NSL-F

No more production downtime in rice pudding production at Friesland-Campina thanks to foam-insensitive level measurement with NSL-F

23 Jul 2020

Time and again, the production process for rice pudding has come to a standstill at Friesland-Campina.

The measuring systems used in the past could not distinguish between milk-rice mix and foam, so the system switched off and each time the entire production quantity of a complete process batch was lost.

Günter Stiepan, Team manager: "We tried everything possible, but it was only with Anderson-Negele that we found a safe and reliable level measurement. This was so convincing for us that we have since been using NSL-F in other areas, such as in the fruit feed container or for dessert creams. For me, the most important criteria are process efficiency, relief for the employees, and consistently high quality through the best possible automated processes. I see Anderson-Negele as an absolute pioneer in level, turbidity and conductivity measurement and I count on them as a partner."

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