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Content control with weighing systems

In many applications, weighing systems for level detection offer a more practical and precise solution than other measuring techniques. With a field-proven sensor program, Anderson-Negele now also offers precise, robust and efficient solutions in this measuring category.

27 Oct 2021

In many process vessels, storage tanks and silos, precise content detection is a particular challenge. Classical measuring systems such as hydrostatic sensors, potentiometric probes, or radar often have their limitations. In some application environments, they are not precise, fast or flexible enough, not practical for technical reasons or not economical.

This is especially the case with: .

The solution: turn your container into a precision scale

They are new to Anderson-Negele, but have been field-proven for decades: Weighing systems for sanitary and non-sanitary applications, wet and dry goods, process and storage containers.

The inventory control by weight measurement