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Calculate your potential savings with turbidity measurement

How much resource do you lose due to time controlled phase separation?
An active phase separation can save bare money. Each kilogram of unnecessarily lost resource means the total loss of the value of goods, and in addition to that very often the cost for disposal and the additional waste water treatment goes up. In an average dairy or brewery the optimized exploitation of the resource can lead to savings of several hundred Euros – and that per day. And yet, often the separation is still made by fixed time control.
The inline turbidity measurement with the ITM-51 offers a solution for an active process control. The savings potential can now be calculated and visualized with a specially designed calculation tool.

23 Nov 2018

Less resource losses in the process due to inline-analysis
In the phase separation in the production process, the precise switching between the different media such as milk, cream, yoghurt or water, or in case of breweries between beer, wort and water, is a prerequisite for a constant quality with maximum purity of the product. An active phase separation avoids that the switching takes place too early, thus leading a “wrong” product into a vessel, or too late, thus losing a “good” product and its total goods value.

Faster and more efficient CIP
In the phase separation in the cleaning process (CIP) the task is to clearly distinguish the different media (acid / caustic / water) and to either lead them back into the correct storage vessel, to evacuate them or to control their concentration for the next process. Here an active and precise phase separation can assure an optimized utilization of the cleaning agents and consequently a substantial cost saving. In addition, the time needed for the CIP process can be reduced to the absolute necessary minimum by inline turbidity measurement. The active switching after achieving the required purity level can reduce substantially the process duration compared to a passive time control with fixed duration.

Economy and ecology are the winners
Besides the financial benefits gained through the reduction of resource and time loss there is always one more winner: Our environment. The less resource or cleaning agent is drained into the waste water, the better for the sustainable operation.

Measurable results due to precise turbidity measurement
Real applications in producing companies have shown the multiple positive results by employing active phase separation with turbidity measurement. In an ice cream production site for example the substantial reduction of the waste water volume has led to a cost reduction of more than 15%. A similar effect could be achieved in a company where the retrofitting has caused a reduction of 3000 liters water consumption per CIP process. In many amortization calculations it could be confirmed that the implementation of an ITM-51 paid off within only a few weeks or months. You find all about the function and advantages of the ITM-51 in the menu “products” under “turbidity” or simply by clicking here.

Now get your savings potential calculated!
The overall savings potential can now be calculated in a specially developed tool, under consideration of all individual parameters. You too can use this possibility to check your possible cost savings. Simply click here to request a consultation by our specialist.