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IRM-11 Refractometer


Inline-measurement of the concentration of liquids. Output in °Brix, Plato, refraktive index nD or customer specific.

  • Very compact (ø 66 mm, 480 gr.), front flush refractometer with simple inline integration without bypass
  • Fully automatic measurement in the desired intervals (adjustable from 2 sec), saving up to 1 man-hour of working per shift.
  • In the case of manual measurement, the entire product produced between measurements, e.g. every 20 minutes, may be defective. IRM-11 can avoid product losses by its permanent measuring method
  • Fully temperature compensated for precise results even with rapid changes
  • The simple installation guarantees precise measurement already during mixing in the tank or exact adjustment during the running process/li>
  • Long-life LED light source with highly resistant sapphire optics
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