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ITM-4 Four-Beam Turbidity Sensor

Turbidity Sensors, Process Analytics

The Anderson ITM-4 Turbidity meter offers real-time measurement of turbidity providing critical information for both process function and product quality. The compact integral design makes installation and set-up easy. The ITM-4 offers switching and analog (4-20mA) outputs along with 4 remote selectable ranges to monitor different products on the same process line. The robust design offers lower cost of ownership over many other turbidity meters and provides the performance and durability needed for years of trouble free operation.

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Wine Quality & Clarity with the ITM-4 Turbidity Sensor

Watch how you can improve and save product during Clean In Place (CIP) process.

ITM-4 can help detect issues in your chill water monitoring system.


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Spare Parts

42117H0025 5-Conductor Molded Cordset w/25' Cable
42117H0050 5-Conductor Molded Cordset w/50' Cable
42117H0100 5-Conductor Molded Cordset w/100' Cable

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