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Level control in a carbonation skid

Level control with NSL in a carbonation skid: Precise hygienic level measurement even with high pressures, vacuum, foam, heat and boiling water

26 Aug 2020

The systems manufacturer S.I.P.A. has earned a for quality and reliability in the field of beverage plants. In a soft drink plant for a customer in Scandinavia, for reasons of cleanability and hygiene, a float level sensor was not accepted. On the advice of an Anderson-Negele application specialist a test was carried out with the potentiometric level sensor NSL-M: And thanks to its perfect function, it was not removed any more before the handover to the end customer. Since then, the system has functioned smoothly for the end customer, and S.I.P.A. will use NSL technology for their systems in the future.

F├╝llstandmessung in Karbonisierungsanlage

Michele Ravazzoni, S.I.P.A. Continuing Processing:

"We were looking for a new, hygienic solution that would work in all processes, and especially also in the CIP process because of the horizontal tank position. Thanks to the competent advice from Smeri and a product test with Anderson-Negele NSL, we were able to more than meet all expectations. The system works perfectly and smoothly for the end customer. We are fully satisfied with the advice and the product."

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