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IO-Link Flagship project with resounding success: Bellarine Foods, a dairy of the future

Thanks to IO-Link, savings of around 50% were achieved in the new whey powder plant in terms of cabling costs and the time required for planning, setup, and commissioning.

14 Apr 2022

Bellarine Foods in Victoria, Australia, has broken new ground with a brand new plant for whey powder production. The entire plant was planned, designed and installed with the digital communication system IO-Link.

From the construction phase to production operation, it is clear that Bellarine Foods is a pioneer for a technology that represents the standard of the future for food and beverage companies. The benefits of this project are so obvious that one thing is clear to project partner Lindon Giuffrida of GP Systems: "The future of hygienic process technology is digital."

With IO-Link sensors for temperature, turbidity, conductivity, level, flow and pressure, Anderson-Negele can offer almost all measuring ranges from a single source. Thanks to the Flex-Hybrid technology, sensors can be operated in digital and analog mode simultaneously (IO-Link and 4...20 mA).

Click here to read how Anderson-Negele contributes to this success with specialized IO-Link measurement technology and partnership support.