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Every drop counts: Cut down on waste and save money

Revolutionize your production: cut food and water waste and save big with these easy steps:

11 Jun 2024

Enable phase transition within one second

An ITM-51 Turbidity Meter can detect the phase change in only 1 second.
Example: An organic dairy could save 100 000 liters of milk per year since the introduction of ITM-51.

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Use every drop in the feed tank

Inaccurate level control may cause the loss of product which will be drained during cleaning.
Example: With L3 Neo Level Sensor or SL / NCS Point Level Switch you can save several thousand liters of product each year.

Discover the new landmark in level control, the L3 Neo: Just click here

Ensure consistent product quality

If the product quality does not fit to specifications, entire product batches may have to be dumped. High-precision flow control is here your key to efficiency.
Example: In the Flex-Blend mixing, dosing, and carbonating skid Anton-Paar uses FMQ flow meters to ensure consistent customer satisfaction.

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Detect product contamination already in the process line

Laboratory control may detect contaminations too late so that entire product batches may be affected.
Example: Inline control with analytical sensors can detect contamination like Glycol from plate heat
exchangers “in real time”.

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