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Yiyecek, İçecek ve Sütçülük
Yiyecek, İçecek ve Sütçülük

İletkenlik Sensörler, Modüler Platform & IO-Link: ILM-4

Modular inductive conductivity measurement of liquid media up to 999 mS/cm, with IO-Link

  • Extremely short response time of 1.2s for highest efficiency
  • Flex-Hybrid: Digital IO-Link and analog 4…20 mA in parallel
  • Accurate phase separation of different media means less resource losses and cost optimization
  • Maximum use of the cleaning agents in CIP processes thanks to correct re-guidance into the respective storage tanks
  • Minimum cleaning time and water consumption: active switch-over after reaching the desired value by inline analysis and not by passive, pre-set time control
  • Precise concentration of the cleaning agents
  • Modular design: configurable from the low-cost basic version to the high-end model
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