Alimentare, bevande e lattiero-caseario
Alimentare, bevande e lattiero-caseario

ITM-51, ITM-51R

Analisi di Processo, Conotrollo de CIP, IO-Link, Sensori di Torbidità

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Hygienic, front flush turbidity sensor for media with a turbidity of 200…300.000 NTU equivalent in pipes from DN25 on.

  • Frontflush sensor in compact and modular design
  • Extended temperature and pressure range
  • Independent to reflexions at small diameters or electro-polished surfaces
  • No color dependency (wave length 860 nm)
  • High reproducibility: ≤ 1 % of full scale
  • Selectable output value (%TU, NTU, EBC)
  • Extended measurement range: 200…300.000 NTU equivalent


Application examples

  • Phase separation products (whey-cream-milk)
  • Separator control
  • CIP-return line (monitoring of pre-rinse water to product leftovers)
  • Yeast harvest in breweries
  • Quality control
  • Leakage control of filters, gasket, valves

Further Information:

  • The ITM-51 is compatible to the antecessor ITM-3.


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