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D3P Differential Pressure & Level Transmitter

Pressure Sensors, Level Sensors

The Anderson-Negele D3 Differential Pressure and Level Transmitter is the most complete electronic differential transmitter with best-in-class performance and dual mA output. It is your go-to transmitter for filter monitoring applications or level applications where pressure and/or vacuum conditions exist.


    • It uses the proven state-of-the-art temperature compensation technology of L3 and significantly reduces the effects of process and ambient temperature changes
    • The graphical user interface with intuitive menu structure makes field setup and programming very easy
    • Second mA output can be used for independent monitoring of inlet/outlet pressure in filter application or top (head) / bottom (system) pressure in level applications using single transmitter head
    • The diff mA output can be scaled to volumetric units like gallons and lbs
    • Display can be direct mounted to either of the two sensors or can be mounted remotely for easy access

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D3 Differential Pressure and Level Sensor Dual output demo video


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