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AV-9000 Recorder / Recording Controller

Instrumentation & Controls

The AV-9000 microprocessor based recorder/controller offers: Four inputs recorded in four colors for enhanced legibility; Four additional inputs for indicating, control, switching and alarming; Four PID controllers assignable to any inputs; Prints its own scales and alphanumeric data all with no pen lag.

Product Information:


Product Information:
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Spare Parts

50033701Nema 4 X Panel Gasket
60803201Cover Seal ( 4.75' )
ET-SMM4Seal Post - Platen
0021521612" Dia Recording Chart - 100 Rings
60500802Pen Cartridge - Green, Red
60500803Pen Cartridge - Blue, Green, Red
64427901Motherboard , Recorder
64427903Motherboard, Controller
64428402Pen Arm Assembly - 2 Pen
64429001Keypad - Recorder - Controler
36602A1109Nut For Platen Seal Post
56014E0048Current Output Pcb - 2 Output - Ext Pwr
60500804Pen Cartridge - Four Color
64426603Relay Board Two Relays
64426605Relay Board, 4 Relays
64427203Universal Input Board, Single Input
64427205Universal Input Board, Dual Input
64427601Hardware Kit, Relay Board - Board 1
64427602Hardware Kit, Relay Board - Board 2
64427701Mounting Hardware, Input Board One
64427702Hardware Kit, Input Board 2 - 3 - Or 4
64428001Power Supply Board
64428101Motor Driver Board
64428301Chart Drive Motor
64428404Pen Arm Assembly - 4 Pen
64428501Cable, Display To Driver Board
64428502Cable, Motor Driver To Power Supply
64428503Cable, Motor Driver To Motherboard
64428504Cable, Power Supply To Motherboard
64429101Hardware Kit Transmitter Power Supply
64429202Transmitter Power Supply , Two
64429204Transmitter Power Supply , Four
64429301Hardware Kit , Current Out - Board 1
64429302Hardware Kit - Current Out - Board 2
64430101Kit, Chart Nut And Ring
64430901Current Output Board - 1 Output
64430902Current Output Board - 2 Output
64436302Seal Post/Insert - Case

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