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Micro Motion Coriolis Mass Flow and Density Meter

Flow Meter, CIP Control

Emerson’s Micro Motion H-Series and G-Series Coriolis Flow and Density Meters deliver superb measurement with exceptional flow and density performance as well as outstanding reliability in a compact hygienic design for use in hygienic process control environments. A wide offering of transmitters ensures maximum compatibility with any control system. Both sensor and transmitter can be adapted to almost any individual requirement thanks to a wide range of configuration options
  • One device for different applications: Mass and volume flow measurement, density measurement, measurement of liquids and slurries or even gases
  • Superior measuring accuracy of up to ±0,05 % (liquid mass control) and up to ±0,0005 g/cm3 (density control)
  • Smart Meter Verification™ provides advanced diagnostic of the meter functionality
  • The Micro Motion G-series is the cost-effective and ultra-compact all-arounder for the most current applications
  • The Micro Motion H-series offers improved specifications for the most demanding requirements in terms of measuring accuracy, turndown, pressure and temperature stability
  • The H series is already 3A/EHEDG certified, certification for the G series is expected shortly
  • To get an overview of the Micro Motion sensors and transmitters click here
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Technical Specification

Process Connection Tri-Clamp | DIN 11851 | IDF | DIN 11864
Insertion length H-Series: 404 mm (H025) up to 881 mm (H300) G-Series: 206 mm (G025) up to 584 mm (G300)
Wetted material 316L stainless steel; 32 Ra finish (0.8 μm) | 316L stainless steel; 15 Ra finish (0.4 μm)
Measuring range 1.336...238.499 kg/h | 50...8.740 lb/min
Accuracy Mass / Volume up to ±0,05% Density up to ±0,5 kg/m3
Available versions Compact | Remote
Temperature range process in °C: -100...204 °C (Remote) in °F: -148...400 °F (Remote)
Operating pressure max. 100 bar
Communication 4…20 mA | HART | Ethernet/IP | 10 kHz Impuls | Modbus TCP | Profinet | Profibus | Foundation Fieldbus | Discrete 1/0


Key Benefits:
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