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TS – A new class in sanitary temperature measurement

You thought that an Anderson-Negele temperature gauge could not be made better? Then let us surprise you!

29 Oct 2020

Anderson-Negele sensors are synonymous with quality, reliability and durability in food and life science applications. The new TS temperature sensor series is now entering the market as a new generation with upgraded performance class.

Thanks to the integration of the digital interface IO-Link, a new modular design, a comprehensive range of performance upgrades, and in particular the wealth of experience gained from thousands of applications, TS offers unprecedented flexibility and application reliability.

The Flex-Hybrid-Technologie with IO-Link and 4…20 mA combines the best of two worlds: Data can be communicated from the sensor in digital, analog or parallel mode.

  • With its flexible plug and play, TS makes communication, installation and commissioning time and cost saving
  • Easy individual programming with IO-Link Master, e.g. for changing the measuring range or for two-point adjustment using zero and span
  • Sensor replacement is easier than ever before thanks to "Smart Replace Design" with automatic sensor identification, configuration and parameterization via IO-Link

    With a further improved product quality TSM is the new benchmark for temperature:
    • Extended process temperature range: -200...400°C (-328 °F…+752 °F)
    • Greatly improved measuring accuracy: < ±0.1 °C/°F
    • Higher ambient temperature resistance: 90 °C (194 °F)
    • One-Piece Design komplett in Edelstahl: Dauerhafte Stabilität und Anwendungssicherheit

    The fully configurable modular concept allows you to compose your individual desired sensor in just a few steps. Thus TSM offers a suitable solution for every application
    • For both new equipment and retrofitting, the modular design together with the Flex-Hybrid technology creates maximum flexibility and future-proofing for every application
    • For the replacement of third-party devices, the wide range of process adaptations and maximum flexibility in configuration means that a suitable model is always available

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