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New Paperless Process Recorder and Cloud Software

Reduce cost through digital transformation in dairy, food and beverage process recording: The PPR hardware and LegendaryTM cloud solution ensure PMO and FDA compliant data quality and integrity while avoiding recurring costs for consumables and mechanical parts

13 Apr 2021

PPR, the new generation Paperless Process Recorder, offers a secure digital solution with significant cost-saving potential. Coupled with Legendary™ Software, these solution elements standardize workflow to create audit-ready records for applications in dairy, food, and beverage industries.

With the PPR and Legendary™ solution, Anderson-Negele will help manufacturers accelerate their digital transformation. By increasing the reliability of recording process through reduction of hardware dependencies, these elements increase the flexibility of the review and approval process while providing cloud software to do so remotely. The PPR hardware and Legendary™ cloud solution have been designed to ensure data quality and integrity that meets the high standards set by regulatory bodies like PMO and FDA.

Benefits of PPR and LEGENDARY™ over current solutions

“Anderson-Negele’s current recording solutions have been playing a role of ‘guardian’ for safe processing of dairy, food, and beverage products. Through the combination of the PPR hardware and Legendary™ Software, Anderson-Negele will continue that tradition while partnering with our customers in their digital transformation. Our solution will help manufacturing plants remain ensure safety, quality and data integrity of their processes, enabling them to continue their focus on quality products,” says Cathy Clausen, Vice President and General Manager at Anderson-Negele, describing the launch of PPR and Legendary™.

Eliminate Recurring Costs on Consumables and Parts

Current paper-based recording solutions utilize paper charts, pens and ink cartridges that have multiple layers of cost. These include the actual cost of the consumables as well as cost to procure, store and discard them. These paper-based recorders can also lead to additional complications like using the wrong chart, pen, or ink cartridge, damaged/lost charts, and illegible charts. All of which result in increased expense. With the digital solution, PPR and Legendary™ eliminates the need for these costly consumables and minimizes the opportunity for human errors.

Reduce Costly Equipment Failures

Current paper-based solutions use several moving mechanical components for recording and printing. While the frequency of use might delay it, all these recorders experience mechanical failures with pen-arms, motors, boards, and other components that can cost manufacturing plants thousands of dollars a year. The new PPR does not use any moving mechanical parts, which not only reduces overall cost of replacement parts, but also drastically reduces the need for maintenance support. "Our customers frequently report ongoing operating costs of up to $600 per year per recorder for paper, pens, ink cartridges and other consumables. Add to that an average cost for maintenance of nearly $1,000 per recorder, per year and the risk of production downtime. We’re confident the new solution elements can save our customers time and money," says Anderson-Negele’s SaaS Vertical Manager, Ashish Maharjan.

Streamline Workflows Across the Plant

The paper-based solutions are heavily dependent on manual processes – retrieving, installing, and annotating on charts, as well as collecting, reviewing, approving, and storing charts. These activities can be cumbersome and prone to confusion and error. The PPR and Legendary™ solution streamlines these workflows by removing non-value-add steps and increasing efficiency. The touchscreen display of the PPR eliminates the need for paper charts and optimizes the annotation process. The records created by the PPR are stored locally AND uploaded and stored securely in the Legendary™ software. Chart records can be reviewed, tracked, and audited by supervisors, quality teams and inspectors locally or via any web device remotely. Approved records are marked ready for audit and are stored securely for easy retrieval anytime in future.

Cost Reduction and Efficiency Increase Through Digital Transformation

The PPR and Legendary™ can do more than just legal data logging. Through data evaluation, the system has potential for process optimization at the plant. Process flows can be more easily controlled, and potential errors in the processes can be detected and eliminated.

A Sustainable and Holistic Solution

“The benefits of the PPR and Legendary™ solution available today are the beginning of the value we can deliver to our customers. We have a robust product roadmap and are already working on enhancements. As we partner earnestly with our customers to create innovative solutions within PPR and Legendary™, we will increase their efficiency and solve additional problems,” says Ashish Maharjan, the SaaS Vertical Manager at Anderson-Negele.

PPR with Legendary™ cloud software is available for order today.

For more information contact your local representative at Anderson-Negele authorized distributors or your regional Anderson-Negele sales manager. You can also contact us at

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