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Efficiency and quality in yeast harvesting, lauter control, CIP, and much more

Intelligent sensor technology helps the Leibinger Brewery to optimize quality and process efficiency, while at the same time saving costs and resources via process automation.

16 Feb 2022

At Brewery Leibinger, turbidity and conductivity sensors, along with many other measuring systems, create a high degree of automation. This leads to more reliable quality and more production yield through optimized processes while at the same time reducing the consumption of resources, water, and energy.
Johannes Kehrer, responsible for the entire brewing process, provides insight into the innovative spirit of this brewery geared to the future and the results achieved.

In all process steps, sensor technology ensures reliable monitoring and active process control, creating a predictably consistently high product quality. The high degree of automation increases staff efficiency as they can focus on more demanding tasks.

Switching in real time when a target value is reached and greater precision in process control help to shorten process run times, save resources such as water, cleaning agent, or product, and reduce energy consumption.

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