Austria’s highest brewery relies on the highest quality sensor technology from Anderson-Negele


With their new brewery at an altitude of more than 5000 feet in the Austrian Alps, a family brewing tradition was brought back to life. The exceptionally high quality of the beer handcrafted from specially devised recipes yields consistently enjoyable beverages. A cornerstone of this quality is the state-of-the-art system technology and sensors provided by Anderson-Negele

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"Quality is the number one criterion in all aspects of our culinary and entertainment business. That’s why the brewing process is of utmost importance and must be perfect in every way. For our many visitors, however, the brewery itself is also a visual experience. Everything must be first-rate with regard to design and hygiene. The sensors from Anderson-Negele have been meeting our expectations from day one, and the results are highly presentable – and tasty, too."

— Christoph Hofmayer, Managing Director

The Anderson-Negele solution

Application advantages:

  • Sensors for temperature, pressure, fill level, limit and conductivity. Complete and highly accurate instrumentation from a single source
  • The collectively coordinated sensor variants enable a high degree of system automation and a consistent brewing quality.
  • The compact, technically refined design also enhances the visual appeal for brewery visitors.
  • The exceptional brewery is used as a tourist attraction with guided tours and visits

Application Detail

The application

The fully rebuilt craft brewery was equipped with a technology that enhances the quality of the beer while lowering the consumption of resources during operation. With this extended level of automation, the system generates a daily production output of 1,000 l. The entire plant is designed for very low energy consumption, and the technology’s precise process control saves copious amounts of valuable mountain water due to highly efficient production and cleaning processes.”

The Anderson-Negele solution

The portfolio from Anderson-Negele, which is known for its high-quality hygienic measuring instruments, encompasses the full range of applications and is therefore ideal for this minibrewery, equipped with the technology of a brewery giant.
The precise and quickly reacting sensors reliably monitor all manufacturing processes and even permit CIP cleaning to be fully automated. This keeps the quality at a consistently high level. The limit levels are precisely determined to ensure that raw materials and cleaning agents are efficiently utilized. The magnetic-inductive flow meter protects the brewery against malfunctions, such as dry-running pumps.
This results in high process reliability and enduring efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

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