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Master Brewers Academy visits Anderson-Negele

During a visit to Anderson-Negele, 30 students were able to see how sensors, which are crucial for all brewing processes, are developed, designed, and manufactured according to customer orders.

13 Jul 2023

The Doemens Academy is a well-known German institute for training, education, and consulting in the brewing, beverage, and food industries. Students from all over the world come to study as brewmasters and brewing technicians. As part of their two-year postgraduate training course for brewing and beverage technologists, students also learn about instrumentation and sensor technology.

The students had the opportunity to discuss with Anderson-Negele employees from development, product management, and sales, and they were amazed by what they saw. In dialogue with the application specialists from Anderson-Negele, there was a lively exchange about the special measurement requirements in brewing, but also an outlook into the future of digital plant technology with IO-Link. The many questions and the animated discussions about technologies and applications showed the great interest and the high professional competence of the prospective brewing technologists, leading to positive feedback from both sides. The "Doemensians" left the visit "heavily impressed" with a wealth of information, suggestions, and background knowledge about process technology, and they thanked Anderson-Negele for the opportunity and hospitality.