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Effieciency and quality in Indian dairy

For their new dairy plant, the owners wanted to ensure the highest possible
product quality combined with a maximum of efficiency in the production processes.

1 Aug 2023

This dairy in India has specialized in a range of dairy products for over 50 years. In 2019, the
company opened a completely rebuilt dairy plant to meet the growing demand for its products
in the long term. At the new plant, more than 50,000 liters of milk are processed and packaged
daily into such diverse end products as drinking milk, cheese, paneer, lassi, curd, yogurt, and
flavoured milk. For the planning and implementation of the new dairy, the owners could rely
on their partner Anderson-Negele, which was not only able to offer a very extensive range of
sensors for a large part of the measurement technology, but also provided support in planning
and implementation. They could, draw a positive feedback from their experience in realizing
this greenfield project in co-operation with Anderson-Negele.

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