Sentinel DFI (Diaphragm Failure Indication)

With traditional pressure sensors, in the event of diaphragm damage the product can come into contact with actuation fluid. The special “Sentinel DFI” (Diaphragm Failure Indication) technology offers a reliable remedy.......

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CIP cleaning in the food processing industry

The term CIP cleaning in the food processing industry(abbreviation for Cleaning in Place) stands for an automated process for the cleaning of entire production plants, without disassembling them into individual components. Especially in the food and beverage industry, the use of a CIP system is an integral part of ......

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Operating principles of Turbidity measurement

Often, liquids are falsely called dull, even though they are not. Turbidity is caused by small particles in transparent solids, in a liquid or gas that have a different refractive index than the liquid itself. Haze is easily detectable if, for example, a liquid looks milky. The functional principles of ......

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Inductive conductivity measurement

Alternating current flowing through a primary coil (emitter) induces an alternating magnetic field, which in turn induces a current in the surrounding medium. The current flow in the medium on its side produces a magnetic field which induces a tension and consequently a flowing current in the secondary coil (receiver). ......

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