Hygienic pressure manometer

Due to the special Anderson-Negele Long-life technology, the measurement sensitivity and durability are substantially increased. The wear-free mechanical measuring devices ensure a measuring accuracy of up to ±0.25% of the final value for years. The efficient hydro-mechanical damping system provides reliable protection even under severe pressure surges. In addition, the diaphragm is equipped with several mechanical protection features for a long service life, for example by the high material quality of the sensor and diaphragm, controlled welding by skilled personnel in in-house production and a recessed position to prevent damage during handling of the device.

Technologies Details

Thanks to the two-point adjustment of zero point and span at any time, early replacement is avoided, thus significantly increasing the service life. The already attractive procurement price is supplemented by a longer service life and leads to a very favorable cost of ownership. The long-term practical suitability is ensured by the robust design, autoclavability, surface roughness of Ra ≤ 0,2μm, CIP/SIP capability and temperature resistance up to 165°C with the steam-stabilized diaphragm, the all-round hygienic and easy-to-clean one-piece design in protection class IP66, and the very large and easy-to-read display.

The pressure gauges are available in diameters 63 mm and 90 mm, with the visible display showing the maximum size in relation to the size of the gauge. The scale for the pressure indication can be adjusted to the process pressure. In the electronic pressure gauge version, the sensor is equipped with a backlit, easy to read LCD display.

By using a USP Class VI compliant pressure transmitting fluid, contamination due to diaphragm damage and resulting contact of the medium with non-sterile components is excluded. The high-quality design of the stainless-steel diaphragms leads to a longer service life and a significantly lower risk of fracture, as the diaphragm has to move much less.

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