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MPP Life Sciences Series Modular Pressure Transmitter

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The model MPP modular pressure transmitter has been specifically designed for placement in sanitary process applications in the Life Sciences industry where accurate and repeatable pressure measurements in difficult (vibration, wide temperature swings, humidity) environments are required. A sanitary diaphragm on the process boundary acts on an FDA and USP approved actuating fluid transferring pressure to an internally sealed piezo resistive transducer. The transducer’s millivolt output is then converted an analog 4-20 mA DC signal that is proportional to the pressure exerted on the diaphragm. The MPP is sealed from environmental conditions via fully potted electronics, patented double o-ring sealed enclosure and all welded construction. Modular construction allows a high degree of field customization with the benefit of individual component replacement. All product contact surfaces are constructed of 316L stainless steel, (available Hastelloy) and electropolished with a surface finish not exceeding 8 micro inch Ra.

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Spare Parts

42117K0025Molded Cordset W/25' Cable
42117K0050Molded Cordset W/50' Cable
42117K0100Molded Cordset W/100' Cable
42119A000090 Degree Field Wireable Connector
42119B0000Straight Field Wireable Connector
56328P0001Clear Cap W/Gaskets
56329P0001Stainless Steel Cap W/Gaskets
SP5632700066Enclosure W/Clear Cap W/Gaskets
SP56327A0066Enclosure W/Ss W/Gaskets
SP56726A0002M12 Quick Disconnect Receptacle
SP56741P0066Display Kit
SP73228A001515' Remote Kit
SP73228A002020' Remote Kit

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