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Load Stand II Integrated Silo Weighing System

Weighing Systems, Level Sensors

The fully integrated all-in-one weighing system for all types of large containers and silos

If the fill level of medium to very large storage containers or silos needs to be monitored with high accuracy, there is simply no getting around the Load Stand II weighing system.
In the range from 11,000 to 450,000 kg per unit, the system offers the incredible measuring accuracy of 0.2%. Due to the fixed screw connection, Load Stand II becomes a structurally load-bearing, integral component and connecting element between the container support and the foundation. Thanks to the extremely long service life of the strain gauge cells and their easy interchangeability, there is virtually no limit to the service life of a Load Stand II.

  • Safe, high-precision measurement: The solid, monolithic and firmly screwed assembly ensures stability, tilt resistance and a measurement accuracy of up to 0.2 %
  • Durable: the four permanently mounted Microcell® type strain gauge cells have a lifetime of > 20 million cycles
  • Applications: storage containers for all types of bulk materials and liquids in all industries, indoors and outdoors
  • Easy mounting: Various mounting adapters for individual adaptation and fixed screw connection. The container fixings necessary with other systems can be saved
  • Reliable: Kistler-Morse pioneered load cell technology. In many industries, this is still the standard method for precise and permanent quantity measurement in a wide variety of vessels
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Technical Specification

Process Connection Structurally load-bearing fixation between vessel legs and foundation
Measuring range 11...450 Tons
Accuracy 0,2% of rated load
Temperature range process -18...38 °C
Communication 2...30 V DC Half-Bridge
The values shown are the performance limits within the product line. The product-specific data for each individual configuration can be obtained from the product information


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