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L-Cell Bolt-on Load Cell

Weighing Systems, Level Sensors

Bolt-on dual-axis shear force sensors for all types of vessels with metal supports and skirted silos

L-Cell® load cells are extremely durable, reliable and compact sensors for cost-effective and dependable quantity measurement in all types of vessels. They can be mounted or retrofitted at any time on vertical supports, horizontal beams, or skirted silos. Measurement inaccuracies due to angles of repose, accumulations or compaction are reliably avoided.
Depending on the type of container and its substructure, the sensors are simply bolted onto the supports. Integrated strain gauges transmit stress changes in the metal, which are caused by even the slightest changes in the container contents, as a measurement signal to the control system.

  • Extremely long-lasting: virtually “indestructible” due to material fatigue life >20 million measuring cycles, high shock resistance and weather insensitivity
  • Easy mounting: can be easily bolted on or retrofitted. Emptying or lifting the vessel is not necessary
  • Easy calibration: An empty vessel is not required, precise calibration can take place at any filling level
  • Always accurate: Unlike other level sensors, thermal or density change does not affect the measurement result
  • Can be relied upon: Kistler-Morse pioneered load cell technology. This is still the standard for load and content measurement in many industrial sectors
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Technical Specification

Process Connection Bolt-on on any steel or aluminium support profile
Measuring range From 35 tons total load
Accuracy 3-5% of rated load
Temperature range process -34...66 ºC
Communication 10...30 V DC
The values shown are the performance limits within the product line. The product-specific data for each individual configuration can be obtained from the product information


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