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LD3xi Load Disc Compression Weighing Cells

Weighing Systems, Level Sensors

The High-Precision Process Expert: Up to 0.03% accuracy in dynamic content control through weight measurement, extremely robust design for all applications

The LD3xi Load Disc weighing systems ensure the dynamic monitoring of vessel contents based on the container weight and indicate even the smallest changes precisely. They are firmly bolted between the container structure and the foundation. They enable up to 0.03% accuracy for all types of process or storage containers, including e.g. agitators. Due to their compact, hygienic design, they can be cleaned according to hygienic requirements in food or pharmaceutical applications.

  • Reliable, high-precision measurement: Also ideal for process, stirring and mixing vessels in food, pharmaceutical and industrial applications
  • Hygienic: Polished surface and sanitary design without critical gaps or poorly cleanable openings
  • Unique mounting versatility: Various, three-dimensional adaptive mounting systems compensate for unevenness and movements of the vessel
  • Flexible: Also for interchangeable vessels, e.g. ingredient containers
  • Always precise: Unlike other level sensors, thermal or density changes do not affect the measurement result
  • Can be relied upon: Kistler-Morse pioneered load cell technology. This is still the standard for load and content measurement in many industries
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Technical Specification

Process Connection Stainless Steel 1.4542 (17-4 PH 900), brushed surface
Measuring range 100...2.500 kg
Accuracy 0,03 % of rated load (=0,03 kg at 100 kg)
Temperature range process -10...40 °C
Communication 5...15 V DC Full-Bridge
The values shown are the performance limits within the product line. The product-specific data for each individual configuration can be obtained from the product information


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