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Risk Assessment of Milk foam influence on level measurement


What happens if milk foam causes wrong level measurement?

A dairy produces milk rice in a permanent process with 2000 l of milk per hour. The measuring systems used in the past could not distinguish precisely between milk rice mixture and foam in the feed tank.


• The sensor signalled “full”, although there was only foam in the supply tank

• No more milk was supplied

• The plant was clogged and switched off in the middle of the process

• The product remaining in the process overheated and became unusable

Application Brochure:

Application Detail

The experienced damage

The milk rice production stopped in the middle of the process

» The entire product which was still in the process was lost, meaning the loss of several thousand liters of milk rice

» The plant had to be cleaned completely

» During the downtime of the plant for cleaning no production was possible, meaning the loss of several hours of production time

The solution

Precise, foam-independent level measurement with the NSL-F potentiometric level sensor

» Ideal for demanding applications with foam, pasty or highly adhesive media

» For vessels from 50 mm to 3000 mm height and process temperatures up to 140 °C (290 °F)

» Many options for individual adaptation