Temperature and limit measurement points for the pharmaceutical industry. Negele Messtechnik GmbH has made a name for itself in the food industry as an innovative manufacturer

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Negele Messtechnik GmbH has made a name for itself in the food industry as an innovative manufacturer of sensors and process integration systems. In addition, Negele is increasingly establishing itself as an expert in tailored solutions for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

In the pharmaceutical industry, a consistently high product quality is critical to the survival of any manufacturer. Apart from reliable and reproducible process monitoring, this requires components that can be cleaned and sterilized with absolutely no residue. The systems and sensors used in production must be designed to refl ect this requirement. Negele Messtechnik has brought out two build-in systems for the pharmaceutical industry that it developed specifi cally to meet these demands.

Aseptic temperature measurement without opening the process pipelines – highly precise and fast

Many systems in the pharmaceutical industry exhibit very small nominal diameters. With PHARMadapt ESP, Negele off ers precisely sized measurement points with nominal diameters from DN 9 for pipe elbows and DN 10 for straight pipe. The exactly defi ned submersion depth of these sensors ensures measurement precision in both installation situations. Highly accurate temperature measurement, rapid response times and the lack of need to open process pipelines are the main advantages of this system, giving it a signifi cant edge over the commonly used pipe-mounted sensors.With a design that is devoid of dead leg, the ESP measurement points are easy to clean. In addition, cleaning is supported by the high fl ow speeds in the CIP process that cause the measurement tip to be actively fl ushed. The hygienic construction has been awarded certifi cation according to the 3-A 74-06 Sanitary Standard.

The prefabricated build-in pipes can be quickly integrated in the production pipelines in a clean and cost-eff ective manner by means of orbital welding. In addition to all nominal diameters up to DN 100 as per the DIN, ISO and ASME pipe standards, the units are also available in diff erent surface qualities (electropolished). All standard certifi cates in this sector can be provided (including inspection certifi cate 3.1, surface roughness, and delta ferrite content). The temperature sensor comes in a variety of models that are compatible with the build-in system.These include a standard sensor head for diff erent head transmitters and a miniature version for cramped installation conditions. A major advantage of the ESP system is the ability to remove the sensor for calibration without opening the process pipelines or detaching the electrical connection. As a result, system maintenance is quick and cost-eff ective. Another benefi t is reliability, since lines cannot be accidentally opened during procedures such as steam sterilization.