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Food, Beverage and Dairy
Food, Beverage and Dairy

NCS-L-01 / NCS-L-02 Point level sensor with long probe and thread G1/2″ (CLEANadapt)

Point Level Sensors

Gap optimized, capacitive limit detection in metallic vessels and pipes with hygienic thread G1/2″ (CLEANadapt)

  • Version with extended probe, ideal for very pasty media with extreme adherence such as Ketchup, cream, …
  • Insensitive to foam
  • Reliable for pasty media with extreme product adherence
  • Very short response time <1 s
  • Independent of the conductivity of the medium
  • Easy cleaning
  • Extended measuring range from Dk≥2 for difficult media (e.g. oil, fat, …)
Product Information:

Technical Specification

Process ConnectionCLEANadapt G1/2" | Adapter for Tri-Clamp, Varivent, DRD, Dairy flange
Insertion length18, 50, 100, 150, 200, 250 mm (PEEK 18 or 50 mm)
Wetted materialStainless steel 1.4404 (316L) Ra≤0.8 μm | PEEK
Measuring rangeDk ≥ 2/ Dk ≥ 20
Available versionsInsertion length selectable | Various temperature options (e.g. heated electronics)
Temperature range processup to 140 °C
Temperature range CIP/SIP143 °C / max. 120 min.
Operating pressuremax. 10 bar
CommunicationPNP | NPN
The values shown are the performance limits within the product line. The product-specific data for each individual configuration can be obtained from the product information



Product Information:

Process Connection

Configuration and 3D Data