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Food, Beverage and Dairy
Food, Beverage and Dairy

L3 Pressure and level transmitter

Level Sensors, Pressure Sensors

High precision process pressure measurement in pipes & hydrostatic level and volume measurement in vessels

The Anderson-Negele L3 Pressure and Level Transmitter has been designed to measure process pressure or hydrostatic level in hygienicprocess applications.
The state-of-the-art temperature compensation reduces errors associated with process temperature changes with improved zero stability reduces sensor interaction. The graphical user interface makes set-up and programming easy by directly aligning to the HARTTM DD menu structure. The field repairable and reconfigurable design allows the user to change the display orientation, add a remote cable, or replace a component in the field without impact to accuracy.

Key benefits:

  • Improved temperature compensation
  • High accuracy also with turndown up to 1:10
  • Accurate level measurement also in small containers and with rapidly changing process temperatures
  • Modular design for individual configuration, with Smart Replace Design (easy component exchange in the field)
  • Integrated tank linearisation with density compensation for high-precision output of volume or mass (kg, litres, percent…)
  • Easy adjustment of zero and span
Key Benefits:
Product Information:

Technical Specification

Process ConnectionCLEANadapt | Milchrohr | DRD | SMS Liner | Tri-Clamp | CPM | Endress & Hauser Universal
Insertion lengthStainless steel 1.4404 (316L) Ra≤0,8 μm | Diaphragm 1.4404 (316L), Ra≤0,64 μm
Measuring range-1…35 bar Relative
Accuracy≤ 0.10% of the calibrated range
Available versionsCompact | Remote
Temperature range process-18…110 °C
Temperature range CIP/SIP135 °C / max. 60 min.
Communication4…20 mA | HART 7.0
Technical Support: How to videos

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The values shown are the performance limits within the product line. The product-specific data for each individual configuration can be obtained from the product information



The L3 Pressure and Level Transmitter Advantages and Applications

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Key Benefits:
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