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Risk Assessment: Yogurt contamination caused by wrong pressure


What happens if yoghurt gets contaminated due to loss of vessel pressure?

Vessels for the production of yoghurt usually are kept under a certain positive pressure to avoid the penetration of air which might contain contaminating particles. If the level is measured with a capillary system, a loss of the specified positive pressure cannot be detected without an additional pressure sensor.

Possible consequences:

• The yoghurt in the vessel can get contaminated due to lacking positive pressure

• Undetected, contaminated product may be further processed, filled and packed before the error is detected in the final quality control

Application Brochure:

Application Detail

Your possible damage

The entire product value of the production batch may be lost

» Depending on the vessel size this means up to 50.000 liters of yoghurt value lost

» Depending on the recipe, other valuable ingredients may be lost

» If the defect is only detected after filling, further costs for the process, packaging material etc. will be incurred

The solution

Precise continuous measurement of level and head pressure with the D3 Differential pressure sensor

» High precision differential pressure measurement with integrated second output for head pressure guarantees an alert signal in any case of lost pressure

» Easy installation and set-up, also retrofitting for existing plants is easily possible