CIP Process with ITM-4 Turbidity Sensor

Application Brochure:

Application Detail

Amul Fed (Formally Known as Mother Dairy – Gandhinagar) – India’s one of the largest Dairy product manufacturer since 1994 in Gujarat. There brands is popurlarly known as “AMUL” rules the Indian dairy market. The dairy is handling 35 lacs litres per day milk for production. It is a complete zero discharge dairy and always thrive for continous process improvements. Amul Fed India has installed around seven turbidity meter in their CIP lines supplied by Anderson-Negele as they were convinced by the performance of ITM-4 because they were able to achieve water saving in their CIP process.

The requirement

The plant head of Amul Fed, Ahmedabad was facing a challenge wherein accurate amount of water recovery was not achieved during CIP process. This was because the plant had a Time Based process and they used to do water recovery via conductivity meter during their CIP process within a defined fixed time. As there was no automation to achieve exact point, amount and time for water recovery the client was looking for a solution which would optimize their CIP process in order to save more water.With the objective to recover maximum water from their CIP process, the team from Mother Dairy approached Anderson-Negele to resolve the issue permanently in a cost effective way.