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Turbidity Sensors

Turbidity Sensors - Reliable and Cost-Effective

The measurement of turbidity is an essential parameter for the automation of process runs in process engineering. Anderson-Negele offers sensors with different measuring methods for almost every customer application. For instance the turbidity sensor ITM-51 is suitable for phase separation of products for example in dairies (whey - cream - milk). In contrast the ITM-4 can be used for fresh water control in the beverage industry.

Turbidity sensor ITM-51 (Back-scatter method)

With the ITM-51, the relative turbidity measurement of liquid media in a mid to high turbidity range (200 ...300,000 NTU equivalent) is possible in pipes with a diameter starting from DN25. The precision of the measurement is not influenced by reflections due to small diameters or by electro-polished surfaces. This makes it ideal for production process applications in the phase separation in dairies (e.g. milk – water – whey), for the yeast harvest in breweries or in all industries for the CIP return line.

Turbidity sensor ITM-4 (4-beam alternating light method)

For media with very low turbidity up to a maximum of 5000 NTU or 1250 EBC in pipes from DN25 on the ITM-4 (4-beam alternating light method) is suitable sensor. Pollution of the glass panes will be compensated and has no influence on the result of the measurement. Applications can be found in filtrate monitoring, phase separation of slightly turbid media as well as quality control.

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Food, Beverage and Dairy
ITM-51, ITM-51R - Turbidity Sensors - Img 1 - Anderson-Negele ITM-51, ITM-51R
Turbidity Sensors

Modular turbidity sensor front flush from low to high turbidities | Now with IO-Link

Food, Beverage and Dairy
ITM-4 - Turbidity Sensors - Img 1 - Anderson-Negele ITM-4
Turbidity Sensors

Turbidity measurement for very low turbidities in pipes from DN25 on

Food, Beverage and Dairy
ITM-4DW - Turbidity Sensors - Img 1 - Anderson-Negele ITM-4DW
Turbidity Sensors

Designed for process- and drinking water applications