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Food, Beverage and Dairy
Food, Beverage and Dairy

Turbidity Sensors: ITM-4DW

Best in class Turbidity measurement for very low turbidities in process and drinking water applications, in pipes from DN25

Specified Advantages & Usage

  • Turbidity measurement in the range of 0…5000 NTU or 0…1250 EBC
  • Cost efficient sensor, optimised for process and drinking water (Optik device made of PPSU)
  • Accurate turbidity measurement also for media with low turbidity
  • Glass-free sapphire optics with pollution compensation
  • For increased efficiency in production processes such as separator automation, lauter tun control and filter monitoring
  • ITM-4DW is not intended for applications with liquid food contact. For the application with drinking water a declaration of conformity for the PPSU material is available

Application Examples

  • Fresh water monitoring in the beverage industry
  • Water/wastewater monitoring, e.g. in dairies
  • Coolant circuit monitoring

Designed for process- and drinking water applications

The new turbidity meter ITM-4DW is especially designed for process- and drinking water applications. Therefore we changed the plastic components and now using PPSU (Polyphenylensulfon).

Metrological the ITM-4DW is identical with the ITM-4.

The combination of transmitted light measurement and 90°- reflected light measurement allows the detection of low (fresh water) to mid (waste water) turbidities. Due to these facts combining the two techniques the ITM-4DW has the benefits that pollution of the optics will be almost ignored.

The ITM-4DW is not suitable for food contacting usage. For the use in drinking water applications a declaration of conformity for PPSU is available.

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Product Information:

Technical Specification

Process ConnectionTri-Clamp | DIN flange | Milk tube
Wetted materialStainless steel 1.4404 (316L), Ra≤0.8 μm | PPSU (only for drinking an process water) | Optics sapphire
Measuring range0…5.000 NTU | 0…1.250 EBC
Accuracy±2% of the measurement value
Available versionsCompact
Temperature range process0…100 °C
Temperature range CIP/SIP130 °C / max. 30 min.
Operating pressuremax. 10 bar
Communication4…20 mA, PNP
The values shown are the performance limits within the product line. The product-specific data for each individual configuration can be obtained from the product information

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